To help capture the personality and true appearance of your pet, here are some tips on how to take an ideal photograph for your pet portrait. Allow plenty of time and have some fun with your pet.

Turn off the cameras flash, as it may scare your pet and it will change the colour of your pets natural appearance. Photograph your pet outdoors in natural light, if this is not possible, use a conservatory or position your pet near a large window. Avoid direct sunlight, choose a bright overcast day, around noon when the sun is at its highest to avoid shadows.

You will need to have the camera at the same level as your pet's head or alternatively, if small enough, place your pet on a table. Have the main source of light behind you and watch out for your shadow appearing on your pet. Do not take photo's from a standing position looking down at your pet as this will produce elongated poses. Position yourself so that you can fill the frame but avoid getting too close as this may distort the features.

Whilst your pet is sat or laid down, aim to get a three quarter shot of the face and upper body. Your pet's face should not be looking directly at the camera but slightly to one side. If your pet does not sit still long enough or keeps facing the camera then get someone to distract them with a treat or favourite toy... have fun!