I am a professional artist living and working in Lincolnshire with my partner Paul and our two dogs Titch and Sweep. Using gouache, I achieve a detailed paintings of British wildlife as well as being commission for pet potraits.

A pet portrait is an ideal way of capturing a lasting memory of your beloved pet as well as making an ideal gift for a loved one. All pets are individuals, with each one having their own characteristic, it is this essence I look to capture in a pet portrait. We all know our pets, with their little quirks and postures, that make them, well just them! Whether it’s that look out the corner of their eye, half cocked ear or just a regular resting place, they are all special in their own way.

Portraits range from a head and shoulder shot to a full body portrait and can be painted to a various of sizes. Portraits can be of individual pets or if required several pets can be combined into one painting either as a group setting or as montage.

They are typically painted from your own photographs which are subject to suitability, see my photography tips page for taking that ideal pet photo. Don’t worry if your pet is no longer with you and you think your pictures are not suitable, I am always happy to discuss the pictures with you.